"Road Sodas To Boom City" lyrics


"Road Sodas To Boom City"

before we became everything we swore we'd never be.
we sucked this town dry and took it for everything.
it was us against the world more like the world against us.
i miss the days when doing nothing was more than good enough.
when we were still drinking in the attic making these stories.
never swallowing our pride to busy swallowing our forties.
when we were still fucking up your parties in all our glory.
probably should but didn't regret shit in the morning.
i want to be singing in the basements.
screaming in the back seats.
spinning in my seat.
swaying on my feet.
i want to be taking it for granted.
not wishing i still had it.
but things never did go the way we planned it.
i want to be fucked up.
not grown up.
all torn up.
not sewn up.

Thanks to livia for these lyrics

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