"Resilience On The Side Of The Road" lyrics


"Resilience On The Side Of The Road"

The weather's stripped the paint on this side of town,
but that will do to mask the changes in these faces I have found.
They say don't blame the darkness (instead light a match).
We could be heroes too, but at the bottom there is no one left to catch.
I would pull down the stars from the sky, if that meant that the night would forget,
that the weight of the earth is half that of my soul,
if you made me whole, where did half of me go?
I would die in the gutter, if I could even crawl that far
but there's no strength left in these bones, so I'll stay here breathing in tomorrow.
The dead are spiteful of the life we regret,
the one where we'd said that we'd never forget
boys will be boys and we've all made mistakes,
so of course we'd push through to become what we hate.
Fuck last chances, fuck this fuse in my skull.

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