"It Was A Journey" lyrics


"It Was A Journey"

If I die then it stands that I may have deserved it
Retribution for a life that was still more than worth it
If that seems overzealous then they must not have told you
If there’s no price tag on your head then they’ve already sold you.
Did frost have a thesaurus when he ran out of words?
Did Shakespeare have a muse when he lacked a verse?
Did the Grimms know the endings to their morbid fairy tales?
Did Fitzgerald know his heroes would inevitably fail?
There is an equal weight on every mans shoulders,
The difference is in the strength of the man who holds it.
So, just because you are thirsty doesn’t mean you’re dying of thirst
And if nobody is perfect we cant all be the worst.
And we were all the devil that night
And we were all the devil that night
And we were all the devil that night.

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