"Dogma" lyrics



The shadows gave way to the cold hearted grey,
the unspeaking black and a belief in disarray.
I wasn't there at the beginning, I won't be there at the end,
I cannot do this all over and start it again.
We are the median.
Can the faithless decide?
We are the median.
Faithfully live or fatefully die.
Yes those limbs are snapping, yes those branches are breaking,
yes time stands still if continuing meant saying;
"I remember it gets better, I thought someday it would,
I can't forget the stay forever, I think I died where I stood."
But I can't tell if that's the sun going down,
or if that's the heavens falling, crashing to the ground.
When the earth fucking burns and the plagues blow through,
I'll be the only one left with a new age world view.
There is a feeling that I share in my bones in the graves;
we may yet repent for our sins.
There is a feeling that I share in my bones in the graves;
if my body is empty, why do I still where this skin?
And St. Peter says, "Hello new ghost."

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