"The Dating Shame" lyrics


"The Dating Shame"

Now courting is history and romance has died,
But lust goes unchecked and sin has survived,
You met at a club and the first words he said,
Were “come home with me, there’s room in my bed”,
He can’t remember your name but sure did seem sweet,
Until he called you a taxi and went back to sleep,
We all need to step up and take some blame,
For what has become the dating shame
It’s not right, it’s not right…
Girls are exploited losing all dignity
In magazines and movies that mock virginity,
Yet no guy considers while turning the page,
That could be their sister on centre stage,
We all were created for honour and glory,
But the tempter has come and ruined the story,
Yet the devil cannot take all of the blame
For what I call the dating shame
It’s not right, it’s not right

Thanks to Louis CK for these lyrics

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