"Movement" lyrics



Still burning, never thinking, it's like a tidal wave inside my brain
Getting busy, getting lonely, I spend all my fucking time cutting side by side
Let the signs decide the wrong and right

Blindfolded, desperate, I try spear gun down my own tail of blame
We are, no I'm just this jerk who doesn't know what to decide
I spend all my time running for my life

Excuse me man, everybody's bleeding
Back on the grass, heads in the clouds, I close my eyes
Your self-esteem (half-support your body)
I only get one life, I need to slow
I only get one life, I need to sloooooow

Bury my emotions to protect myself
Till I can't feel a fucking thing,
I've dared to dream I've tried to live
But I've played it safe again,
Just another slave to my vices now
Bring out your dead

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