"I Only Go To School For The Handrails" lyrics


"I Only Go To School For The Handrails"

More than a board and four wheels
Okay, slogans like "Skate and destroy"
"Skateboarding is not a crime" have
become a thing of the past
(Skateboarding is now)
...a fucking industry
And those who still either
"Skate or die" are few and far between
Skateboarding have changed
But so much the
world need this fucking change?
Is this practice really that dead?
About dirt, broken boards and bones?
All about doing it instead
Of putting it on display
But I never, never...
Never can't stop skating
Never, never, I spent most
of my time on my board
Ever, ever, skateboarding is my passion.

Thanks to MarioSk8core for these lyrics

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