"Crisis Management Of The Special Kind" lyrics


"Crisis Management Of The Special Kind"

We may not know how to say...
It but we’ve something to say
While the Dow Jones index is plummeting
We simply lift you up to a higher realm,
This fucking crisis of the special kind

In our music things like recession don’t exist

Here, four, six, six strings, drums, paper (are in the rising market)
The tendency for loud music is following an upward trend

We don’t let depression eat away at us
Because we know that
Your hearth, your ears, that’s enough to

Instead of investing in gold, we stay gold
Anyway, you download, you’re right

Best things in life are for free,
Are you in the doubt? You will see

Now, you know,
After 10 years playing a kind of (punk)
We’ve never shit our pants

We’re alone, no gain, no pain
Please never try to play in vain

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