"Stories End" lyrics


"Stories End"

It started with a look that sparked a fight
We went our own ways but we needed each other
I know that if we talk this through we will find
Everything we need we have in each other

Who knew that we'd be here tonight
Still holding on to what we've got
Just come back down
And we'll find stable ground
Just tell me what we've found
You feel it

You and me we're still fighting
Through everything we're still trying
All I know is while me heart's still beating
I have breath gunna lose it before love
Lose it before love

You tell me times like these they come and go
At least we'll say we got through it
Just take a leaf out of my book tonight
We can re-write how the story ends
And we can stay here on this page we wrote
On this page we wrote

You know that everybody that we know can see it
Why is it that you wonder why it's making sense
You know it's not about the way that people spell it
But it's about the way it sounds in coming out
We can re-write how the story ends or
Turn back and erase our problems
Or we can face them turn hand in hand
Embrace them and take our chances

Thanks to Daniel R for these lyrics

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