"The Game Plan" lyrics


"The Game Plan"

This isn't working out for me,
I think I need to leave.
Or break the same routine
That's soon to be the death of me.
No need to wait and see if things will change,
Same shit just a new day!
I feel like I'm wasting your time,
Or you might just be wasting mine.
I'll save myself the time and energy,
I see it now and your better off without me.

I'm sick of laying in my bed,
Dreading the day ahead of me I need to break free
And find out what comes next.
I've got the game plan in the palm of my hands.

And this will always be the perfect strategy.

It's time to wake up wake up, and face the fears in front of you.
Step up step up! Don't let pressure get the best of you.
No more guessing and no more games,
It's time to break the routine that I'm stuck in everyday.


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