"See You Dudes" lyrics


"See You Dudes"

Lately I've been feeling fine,
Can you stop breathing down my spine.
If I let you do your thing, then let me do mine!
I'll make my move.
I have nothing to say and nothing to prove to you,
There isn't anything I can't handle.

With or without you, my dreams will come true.
Thanks for the good times, I think I'll be fine.
With or without you, I will know what to do.

And when it's all said and done
Nothing can hold us back from our hopes and dreams.
We're doing what we want and becoming who we want to be.
I'll stay true,

To myself and everyone else who knows
What it feels like to be brought down by someone else's insecurities.
Let the waves crash down and drown them
Out of sight and out of your mind,
Say your goodbyes and make sure you say them right.
Memories are all that's left
So keep them close to you, right by your side.

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