"Leg Day" lyrics


"Leg Day"

Featuring Joel Quartuccio of Being As An Ocean

Some people say we're too young, that it's all fun
But those who dedicate their lives to corruption
Are worse than those who preach eternal separation
Leading us to the downfall of our nation
And no you want to walk away,
Leaving us with this mess that your ignorance made
And now I realize that with some sacrifice
I know exactly what this needs.

A sudden change in a certain direction
We are the voice of a growing generation
We have a choice, we're the heart of a nation
The money, the power and the greed
It won't get the best of me, never get the best of me
Cause' when you open your eyes you'll see corruption lasts for a lifetime

So I'll give my heart and soul to show you what means the most
Some of us have lost it all, with hope to rebuild those walls
They always said to leave a comfortable distance
So before I make my way I've got one question for you

What will you do when the system fails?
The consequences will fall on someone else
This is what we need

I'm so sick, so sick of the lies
Held hostage struggling to survive
What will you do when the system fails?
The consequences will fall on someone else

Don't rely on the American press and news services for false information
You might get the impression that the conflict is over, and everyone is going home
Oh how I wish that was true
Your first impressions revealed your worst intentions
And now you want to walk away?
You wont get the best of me

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