"From Here To There (464 Miles)" lyrics


"From Here To There (464 Miles)"

Between moving away and watching you leave
Seems like I could never keep my friends near me
I remember watching you as you left
Wishing for, but doubting your success
Sometimes the future is hard to see
What you wanted, I didn't want for me
Now looking back I never would have guessed
You leaving was for the best
Moving away developed your identity
I can't imagine a better friend to me
Such an inspiration you'll never know
At the time I hated the idea
But now I am so glad you decided to go

Your always as close as my memory
Just close my eyes and I can see
A smile that gets me through the day
Our friendship has always been that way

464 miles away
Friendship is something distance can't change
I've got you so close in my mind
So glad we never said goodbye

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