"Dead Horses Are Turned Into Glue" lyrics


"Dead Horses Are Turned Into Glue"

Things are getting nice and bleak.
I'm in need of this change of pace from the way things have been.
These words were brought to life. They are turning black as coal.
It's time to go back and start again.

Days have become numbers and nothing more.
Faces come and go and nothing will remain.
Oh, it's so easy, easy to pass everyone.
This time around these memories will hold some values
unless these thoughts will start blending in without a single thought...

My vision is getting blurry everyday the impressionable are bought and sold.
My senses are wearing out. [4x]

When everyday is the end of the road,
you can't help but feel the pressure growing up, moving on and letting down.
Taking the world in your hands and throwing it fucking away.

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