"Brilliant Exceptions" lyrics


"Brilliant Exceptions"

God damn the little things that are always holding me back.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be so lost and blindly follow the rest.
Is it so arrogant to say am I right or are they wrong?
Time will always be the better judge.
Waiting for the answer will be my sentence and I will never live it down.
This is a blatant call for help that will remain silenced
until we can all come to terms with our failures.
Maybe in a simpler time when ideas went unravaged
and we were free to learn from our mistakes.
This is a blatant call that will remain silenced.
Violence is our savior. Don't you dare forget it yet.
We can't evolve past this hell on earth or so they say.
My two cents are losing their value.
Day by day losing strength.
Opinions are just ideas and not the salt on the wound.
We are caring but that makes us weak so let's just quit.
It's just a matter of time before everyone starts giving in.

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