"Penguins In Texas" lyrics


"Penguins In Texas"

This wave is crashing down on me

Give it up! Give it up!
That’s what you did when you felt
That all hope was lost
Now the tides have turned as you watch me float
Lifeless in the sea
And now this wave is crashing down
On me

Well that must have been quite the battle
How would I know
You never even fired a single shot
If only I was approached on this warfront

We might have made it out
But anxiety was a shark
Found lurking in your pool of blood
I learned from the struggle and found my own way out

Tread water
And as this tide pulls me under
I can see the surface fading away

While separation came suddenly
And secrets were concealed
But we both knew what we were up against
Stabbed with infatuation, nights seemed endless

You showed no signs of life
Just remember: refusal is better than emptiness

At this rate I have a better chance of finding penguins in Texas

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