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My past is so full of failures.
But for every one negative, there are two more things to smile about.
Its just hard to see them sometimes,
Through the thick of it.
And It’s so easy to see a mistake
when you’re sick of making them.
This whole life is a trial, make errors.
And when life feels like a trial, push farther.
Even if it means nothing in the end it’s better to have tried.
And when you take your last breath,
you wont miss the goodbye
you wanted to say sooner.
I know you wanted to die,
But you kept growing.
So when life feels like a trial,
It’s a privilege granted to few.
And even when life truly is a trial,
You make the best of it.
Each experience is unique.
So far, you've been the only one to survive yours.
So when life seems like a trial,
Remember you outlived the worst.

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