"Stolen From The Start" lyrics


"Stolen From The Start"

A girl. A pretty face. A guy who's always up in space Is called by her to please come down. A time, when things are fake, relationships made for the sake Of good times without being bound. Is he a fool? cause he feels like one almost everyday when he calls her on the phone and she's not there. And is it cool if he leaves like seven messages Cause it seems like maybe that's more than she care bare? She doesn't know just how he feels He lies awake wondering how he'll steal Her heart but he don't know that he Stole it from the start, yeah he stole it from the start. He thinks about her past when like a hundred guys Would ask her for her number everyday She wants something that lasts a guy who wont lose interest fast And always has something to say But she's a fool cause she has this longing for him but she's Scared to tell him and find out what he'll say He has a rule that he can never seem too interested Cause he's scared that she might feel the same way And she wishes he loved her, when there's no other he'd prefer

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