"Indebted" lyrics



I'm sitting in the car right now feeling sort of epic,
I just got my bones ripped clean and all along you loved it.
I just want to hum along to all my favorite songs.
Screams she hates Bukowski but not for cliched reasons.
She sees hope in broken men and that patron saint of drinking
I just trace along all her lines that turn me on.
The strongest man you ever met, but names like that always come with debt,
So I start to believe almost violently that I can do most anything.

This is where it ends, this is where it ends this is where it all comes in
This is where it ends where it all begins, every definitive moment happened.
This is where I show where I came from, it's all in the name son.
I'll be more than you ever could ask me to be.
What was I made for if not your front door,
Counting the steps til I'm inside,
It was the 9th one every time.

I'm sitting in the car again what the hell just happened?
I spilt my mind too many times and dirtied up your canvas

So let me down easy and say it's worth the time we spent.
Keep all of your promises, keep all of them.
I fucked a million times amusement rides, scream goodnight.
I fucked up a million times whiskey to wine
In central standard time to pacific standard time,
I swear I loved you every time.
I'm sitting in the car again the seat next to me's empty.

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