"Jealous Children" lyrics


"Jealous Children"

I wonder how far
I'll have to drag these broken feet
I wonder why
I can't stand still when you're
so close to me

If it's my time, just let me go
I'll lay down and die beneath
the darkest cloud of smoke
I know, its hard
always running circles around myself
and nothing seems to help me forget you
If it's my time, just let me go
bury myself alive beneath
this hell that I call home

I'm just tired of trying
no one hears me no one hears my cry's
I lost all hope
I'm guilty of this crime
what's broken will mend if you give it some time
swallow all of your pride
you stand in the light but
it's burned out deep inside your heart
you let it go
you let me go from the start

I know, let it go

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