"Lighhouse" lyrics



As I'm turning into this reflection,
Couldn't stop thought,
So I let the moment last,
while the scream of the sirens across the bay
Carving your bones

You're sitting on floating boats
but don't touch the shining water,
'cause everything can swim away,
leaving you on your own
You're playing a stupid game
But how long can you stay afloat
The wind is quite variable
Which lights will guide you home?

A part of me want to leave,
but the other half still believes
it's not a misery
and I am the ocean,
You cant control my motions,
between my waves I'll keep you safe

And I am the ocean, wiped from my tears,
tears between you and me, against the wind.
And I am the giant undertow,wasting my time smashing cliffs,
instead of showing you the way.

These waves will wash you away
These waves will wash you away

The tide takes buried bodies to my coasts
and therefore I know you're broken,
and I am the only one who can make you strong.
And when the sun is down,
and when the skies are calm
you'll see I'm still here
to show you the flames.

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