"14.02" lyrics



I'm breathing in the sand,
Instead of the air it used to be,
I don't know how to move forward,
When did we throw it all away?

And now I calm the pain,
And I'll never regret,
You are further from my voice
Than my heart is from my head

Who will you run to when it all goes down
Who's gonna pick your world up off the ground
Who's gonna take away the tears you cry
When the wind has carried away mine,
You have nowhere to run, the only refuge is by my side

I live with my past inside of me
Why you want to hate me?
I'll make you run but
I know your heart beats faster
When you're beside me
I live with my past inside of me
This is why you hate me,
But don't forget
You're living my past with me...

Your heart beats faster, but I still remember
Your heart beats faster, but I still remember...

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