"We Got It All" lyrics


"We Got It All"

Bitter evil minded patrons
Ill will? We'll deal
Me and the boys got something here
That you crave my slave

And love and hate and God and sin and sex
We got it
Cheap whores and guns and knives and life and death
We got it
We deliver to you a one time price
We got it
Just collect your soul and we'll produce a vice-
Cuz we got it all. We got it all for you

Ain't no need for compromise
In your life, no strife
Sardonic children we got it all
All the sins for your whims

And drugs and cash and queers and all disease
We got it
And shame and pain and fear and heresy
We got it
Just about as warm as a cry for help
We got it
The ministers of misery just release yourself
And you've got it all

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