"Sunday" lyrics



I can tell by the tone in your voice you've been crying
You never could fool me before so honey quit trying
Pretty baby please don't cry-
Just dry your tears and we'll go for a ride

When you've been crying at home and it's just we two-
There's no one in the world can cheer you up like I do
It seems that '63 Nova knows what we've been through-
Just turn that radio up and let it sing to you

Hey girl please don't cry
Just dry your tears and we'll go for a ride-
There's no more blue Sundays
No blue Sundays when I'm with you

Keep an eye on that dancin' cross on the rear view-
And let that AM radio break on through
The Virgin's on the and Saint somebody in
the glove box-
The tires may be brand new but baby watch them shocks

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