"Riding The Blade" lyrics


"Riding The Blade"

Only seventeen
your passions run your life
running in the mainline
so what's the shame in that?
you've got your given claim
official latchkey queen
the living seems so long
your blood line's getting lean
you're just riding the blade
You've got your sterile pill
you've got a bedroom pass
a night of warmth don't cost
just give a little ass
asking yourself why?
don't matter that you're pale
'cause you'll look fine by tomorrow night
all's you need is a spoon and nail
you're just riding the blade
tonight you feel real good
your mind is so damn tight
you sleep a bit too much
but you know that it's your right
'cause life seems so cheap
when you're riding the blade
so tonight you make the grave
just another forgotten name

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