"PS 214" lyrics


"PS 214"

I grew up outside PS 214 I'm a jungle cat suburban whore
A junkie-fuck probation dog locked outside your front door
You eyein' me through the peephole and you
ain't gonna open up
Kicked down honey I've fucked around I guess
that ain't enough

I'm the poor white trash no one wants to know
I'm the guy in the back of the classroom you beat up
after the show
The four eyed faggot, the guy who picked his nose
The blue eyed devil with the face like a rose
The two faced chisler who always had to lie
Who turned the other cheek so he could stay alive

I've been pissed on and pissed off to the point
I couldn't stand a soul
Gave every drop of my life's blood and play acted every role
I been spit on humiliated, humiliated, forced to live the worst of lies
To masturbate at the Stations and bargain with
The Lord of Flies

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