"Preacher's Confession" lyrics


"Preacher's Confession"

Lies in the confessatory, trying to justify
there's no truth at all
Don't want to hear to hear about your neighbor's wife
How you sodomized that boy last night
Get off your knees I'm not your God
Please forgive me for the times I've sinned lord
Preacher make me pure
Get off your knees I'm not your God
No bleeding hearts now
Forgive my sins, don't want to go to hell
Forgive my wife and kids as well
Get of your knees I'm not your God

And so they come to me and ask me to
randomly dole out a false sense of forgiveness
they come dirty & sobbing and leave clean & beaming
So, now I say "Fuck You" to the sad, lonely man
who can only find comfort in the recorded screams
of the young girl he raped and defiled, and hacked off her
arms at the joints in his new Dodge Ram van that the
government supplied 'cause he raped Korean women and
children. And the smelly niggers on the south side with their
brother, sister, family fucking this and that, who swear God
is black, overweight, and sent "Shermans" as a sign of good
faith. And the faggot assed queers with their brown-spot
lifestyle, strutting down to Santa Monica to get the money to
support their lovers. And I don't care about you masturbating
in front of your daughters, and teach them that cocksucking is
only between daddy and daughter. And about the fucking Catholic
girls who wear sex for silence. I've lost the ability to even care,
and for this I say get off your knees, I'm not your God!

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