"Manic" lyrics



Mother always told me not to look
Inside myself I've got to hide
Daddy's just a mystery of pain
That gets knocked around inside
Visions slide back on my tongue
Like angels come to ease my mind
Setting fire to doors inside my brain
Releasing prisoners of my mind

I can't seem to find the way within myself
To trust the saviour's hand
The pain I've kept inside is all around me now
Why can't I understand?
I'm frightened in this place and time is short
Won't someone help me? Someone help me
I feel the wires within my head begin to slip
They're burning out of hand

Welcome to my dungeon-
Welcome to my hell tonight
Welcome manic destruction
I bet you never dreamed it's cold inside
Welcome to potential-
Welcome to your hell tonight
Welcome to self destruction
I bet you never dreamed it's cold outside

My heart keeps ticking cuz everyone I'm tricking
Can't tell I'm ready to explode
And I've been thinking that while everyone is shrinking
I'm speeding up when everything's slowed
I may seem like I'm quiet but my temper is a riot
And it only grows and grows
I'm wrapped up in over tension and no one ever mentioned it
Until the day everything showed

Bad attitudes are hissin' like snakes outside pissin'
And a gentle tightening of the screw
I fell out of touch it just wasn't enough
For me to finally break through
When I offered my better side it was taken for a ride
I was beat to hell and left alone
My peace turned to war I faced a slamming door
This crazy diamond turned to stone
Don't feed me love and Haight I'll tell you it's too late
To take the hallucinating ride
If you play with the key you might not like what you see
When you take a good look inside
Lay the cards on the table you'll find out you're not Abel
But the other one- Citizen Cain
Forever cast from Eden never dragging always leading
Always leading a life of pain

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