"Heaven's Closed" lyrics


"Heaven's Closed"

Crucifix hangs on my wall
I made the sign of the cross
Waited outside St. Peter's gate
Father I was lost
I didn't know Heaven's closed

I studied your picture closely lord
I saw you wink at me
Yeah your eyes tore through my soul
I'm no longer a blind man I can see
I watched the blood drip from your skull
It was like 3-D
I watched Mother Theresa try to save the world
With her rosary -ha-
She didn't know Heaven's closed

You saved the world from dying lord
And taught us how to pray
"Suffer the little children" you said
Because the innocent pay
Now the blood is running wild
On the street each day and
If we ignore it our original sin
Will be washed away

Our father RESTS in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name. Give us this
Day our daily bread to beat down
Woman till she gives head - because
You teach your children we little imps
To dominate women and act like pimps-
Because we male crucify woman with nail-
Motherfucker Heaven's Closed

I whitewashed the world with the cross
A rockin' patron saint
I covered up the blood on Christ's hands
With a little paint
Now I save the world from itself
Killing those who disobey-
Close my eyes to the innocent blood I've spilled
Because my sins are washed away
You'll never know Heaven's Closed

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