"Death Of Two Lovers" lyrics


"Death Of Two Lovers"

Shadows dancing on my walls at night
heart so big I know it can't be right
but you smell so sweet and violation sounds so nice
held out this long, relief's in sight

Oh, babe
you're the razor in my heart
the ice cold day
oh, my winning day
to take the hurt of innocence away

Tried to talk to you, you're so cold
what can I do?
bloody fingers in my mind
they reach for you

You're my pain, I'll make you go away
sinning little bitch you've got your hell to pay
maybe God didn't plan your end this way
but he cannot feel the pain that you have brought today

Played along, with the pretty little girls
never crossed the lines they gave
saved my love, in a screwed up little mind
my time just slipped away
just a boy, with the bedroom in my eyes
a time-bomb in my brain
an insane world through a pair of sane eyes
I just can't stand your pain

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