"Come Back" lyrics


"Come Back"

Unruly little tramp she snuck through the wood-
against her mother's order cuz the girl's no good
Tra-la-la like a harlot waiting to be engulfed-
Yeah, overcome at grandma's and raped by the wolf-
Come back, come back, you nasty little child
Your mama warned you not to stomp through the wild
Come back, come back, what will the neighbors say?
"Little Riding Hood got knocked up, now she's too fat to play!"

Terrible bitches so cruel to your sister
Turned green with envy cuz the handsome prince kissed her
But where'd you hide her when you tried on the shoe-
When you hacked off your foot cuz Cinderella wouldn't do?
Come back, come back, come back little toe
When you take the slipper off I think it might show
Come back, come back, you can't fool the prince-
What if the toe shows up in his mouth rinse?

Evil stepmother we could tell she's a nasty bitch
"No supper tonight, go eat the house of the crusty witch!"
Hansel for lunch and yummy Gretel for dinner
Wash them both down with a little paint thinner
Come back, come back, come back boiled Hansel
If you don't show up the fairy tale will be cancelled
Come back, come back, grilled Gretel with onions
What good will you be overdone? Yum yum

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