"78 Rocks" lyrics


"78 Rocks"

I watched this band I used to love
Try to fake the poor man's blues
Left the club ten bucks poorer
I coulda spent on booze!
Would've been drunk and happy
Instead of sober and bored...
Finally cheered up when Jeff turned up
And played some power chords

If you're gonna rock me
Rock me Leperd style
If you're gonna rock me
You better rock, rock, rock, etc.
Rock me Leperd style
Or don't rock me at all
Give me slop not cock rock schlock
That makes me want to puke
Rock Leperd style
Or don't rock me at all

Cheese rock bands gotta scream rock
To show they got the groove
We've got 78 rocks in this song
So we must rock better than they do
We can be the cheesiest rock band ever
If we grab ourselves and sing real high
shake our spandex asses, paint ourselves like girls
All image and let the music die!
Rock me HANGMEN style!

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