"The Heart Of The Sea" lyrics


"The Heart Of The Sea"

Sticks and stones
Are for you, you land living bones
Salt and water melt my skin
So don't set sail,
You'll end up in the belly of a whale
No swallowed saint will mark your grave
Every light of every day
Eats away into decay

But I won't cry myself to sleep
'Cause my soul no longer weeps
For my body lies
In the heart of the sea

Darkness breaks and with her
The morning wakes
She mocks us weary as we drown
Show no remorse, as you will make
A beautiful corpse
Next to the one you love the most
Every light of every day
Eats away into decay
Don't fornicate
With the one you love to hate
You'll wind up dead
Before she bows


Another useless confrontation
Leaves eighty-eight lost constellations
And now the end appears
And my eyes are filled with fear

I am blind, I am blind
Dig me up before I die
I don't want to end up
In the heart of the sea

Now the lesson is learnt
Don't swim out too far from your berth
Walk it's better, even through defeat


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