"Times:Downside" lyrics



Time, when we are unbreakable.

Time when we keep for any chance.
Time which gives us freedom and a choice.
Time wipping off every minute of our lives.
Time which is taking away our relatives and friends.
Time seized away years.

I will tell you a story incidentally,
how the time knelt down in front of the people and stopped in my eyes evidently.
That day the scarlet sunset was replaced by a purple dawn.
As if we were zombied, all as one, we threw mud in each other and remained alone.
Hatred - here whence we scooped the inspiration.
Measuring and comparing, we broke a lot of people relations.

Living in the society full of lie and aggression,
I gradually turned to the same bastard condition,
I forgot the main values of life,
I couldn't notice what radiates love.
Those whom I have valued and what I have valued step by step passed away.
Was changing day by day, but I was living in the same vein.
Time run away, while I was standing and standing
without paying attention to the rain from the tears of the people,
whom I love till the ending.

Was the warm, sunny day,
From the south a pleasant wind barrels such a way,
Seemed that all was in the nature of things,
Except the strange stone which was towering on the hill with no wings.
The stone in which I has been confined
Because of hatred, evil, lie and hysterics in my mind.
By means of harm to people, by lying to all alive, by hatred to myself.
To myself.

Many have decayed in this lie, have sunk in this dissimulation
And I would be grasped by the same situation
if not...

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