"World Of Chaos" lyrics


"World Of Chaos"

Maybe some time tomorrow we'll forget all our sorrow.
We'll beg and steal and borrow what we need to feel OK.
This time I know my love is real. Do you feel this thing I feel?
Why in God's name do you have to up and leave today?

Welcome to our world of chaos,
a world where the only choice you have to make is between channel A and channel B,
a world where the fortunate ones are born without fortune or a future.
We're taught that time plus money plus perseverance equals security,
but what is security when all we're really after is our own star
on the god damn walk of mediocrity.

Kill your mind, now you're mine

Welcome to our world of chaos, if you wanna listen then you have to pay us.
I got everything in the world to say just, sit down listen fucking obey us.

Kill your mind, now you're mine

Time to settle for distraction,
Progress progress make it happen.
Apathy takes over the whole world collapses then.
What are we left but our own satisfaction.
But who are we to be satisfied when our desires are seen through someone else's eyes.
I think it's time for you and I to stop standing for sitting down.
Take it back cause it's our fucking town. Stand your ground!

Thanks to Gabe for these lyrics

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