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There’s only one revolution.

To try to stop and secure something that is ever moving
Can only lead to frustration, futility and confusion.
To try to divide what can never be divided
Will only lead to hatred, discontent and violence.
For time is merely an illusion, a desperate attempt at understanding
To get to grips and come to terms with a life that is every flowing.
Flashes to flashes, moment to moment,
No time exists except the present.

Every border is simply a figment of our imagination,
Not of this earth but of man’s creation.
A product of our minds that can only distort
The true reality to be witnessed without thought.

There are a million different problems in this world,
But they all boil down to one,
And that’s the way we think, the individual.

There’s only one revolution, you gotta find out for yourself,
And it starts with each and every one of us.
So don’t think, and don’t follow, you gotta find out for yourself,
You gotta find out for yourself, you gotta find out for yourself.

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