"The Rise And Fall (?) Of Corporate Rule" lyrics


"The Rise And Fall (?) Of Corporate Rule"

We’ve referred to this problem as free trade globalisation,
Taking the power from the community,
Putting it in the hands of the corporation,
Denying all chance of self-sufficiency.

So where do we go from here?

When the very institutions set up to protect us,
Only serve to exploit and continue to repress us.
Serving the interests of the rich minority,
Whilst exploiting that of the global majorities.

This world is not dying,
It’s being killed.

As the gap steadily increases between the rich and the poor,
And as public becomes private from the hospitals form the schools.
Face to face with the prospect of a working life for us all,
From the factory to the office, from the sweatshops to the malls.

And as our government’s sold out, they put profit over people,
Enforcing rules and regulations that keep the people unequal.
Free trade over fair trade with their trickle down theory,
But the facts are all there to show this simply isn’t working.

The time has come, we need to turn the tables, (We want our lives back.)
Make the power work for the people.
In order to change this we must understand it, (We want our lives back.)
Use it for our benefit.

Where to now? Where to now? What’s the solution?
Where to now? Where to now? We seek solutions.

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