"People Not Numbers" lyrics


"People Not Numbers"

No I didn’t vote, I didn’t feel I had a choice,
And I felt within my silence lay my only voice.

And it’s not that I’m not interested in politics,
It’s just that I’m not interested in their politics.
Sick of their lies and their policies,
Their arrogance and their hypocrisy.
Masters of rhetoric and dancing round questions,
I want some answers and decent suggestions.
Not my vote, not my leader,
Not my choice, we are people not numbers.

The most powerful countries in the world
Have the best damn governments that money can buy,
It’s just my idea of a good government
Is one that can’t be bought.

No space, no place for us to roam,
Everything is private, all the land is owned.

We have freedom of assembly until we assemble,
We have freedom of speech until we speak.
And if you don’t do exactly as they say
Well then you gotta answer to the police.
Debating our lives as if playing a game,
They can disperse the riot but the struggle remains.
It’s all about the money, it’s all about the money,
Money, money, money, we are people not numbers.

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