"Open Mind" lyrics


"Open Mind"

i do believe, i do believe in anarchy
because i cant help but feel
i've got a little bit inside me
i do believe our music brings us together
a special bond that will last forever
cause im sick and tired of being put down
yes,im sick and tired of being put down
by the so called in crowd
we should be judged on our personality
get a grip, this is reality

we've got to keep and open mind
we've got to stick together

we've gotta, we've gotta keep an open mind
cause if we keep and open mind then you will find that
we will all be at ease with eachother
get along, with one another
cause i cant help but feel its us versus them
then i get laid down by my so called friends
am i the only one in this fight?
in this fight to do whats right

honesty, trust, loyalty
theres not enough

we've got to keep an open mind
cause if we keep an open mind
then surely we'll eventually find peace

Thanks to Eddie for these lyrics

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