"Lost In Thought" lyrics


"Lost In Thought"

Six billion people, one world,
Each and everyone amazing.
Six billion wants and six billion viewpoints,
Six billion reasons to get along.

I do believe that every human being
Is born with the capabilities
To be kind, to be loving, to live happily,
Without harming others to get what it needs.
There... is... good... good in everything,
The... trick... is... opening up to it.

I’d say we’re lost, we see through narrow perceptions,
Travelling down the road, but in the wrong direction.

Can you see past your desires and social positioning?
Are you open to the fact that what you think is not what is
That every decision and every opinion
Is a reflection of experience and your surroundings?
Let’s... give... up... trying to be something
That... we’re... not... if we could just give up trying...

We could be free! Yeah.

We are all one,
Parts of a whole.
Broaden your horizons, feel the unity of all things.
No thing is separate, it’s all connected.

Six billion people, one world.

Thanks to skacore_dude for these lyrics

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