"Cautious Steps" lyrics


"Cautious Steps"

One, two, three, four!

Who is that person inside you thinking?
Beneath memories, through the conditioning?
Do your insecurities
Obscure your reality?
The image we’ve created, it should always be debated,
We must question what’s being stated, through observation comes awareness.

It’s not that complicated,
We are complicated.

We’re led blindly by our egos, we have no goals, we have no purpose,
Trying to find that special something, we fail to even scratch the surface.
Going for the sake of going to a place where we can keep on going,
Going without ever knowing where it is we should be going.
The beginning of the wisdom, yeah, it lies in recognition
That the ego is not the self, the two are already one.

It’s not that complicated,
We are complicated.

Wake... up... let... go.
If only we could see it, then maybe we could be it.
We’ve already got it, we just gotta realise it.
Wake... up!

Survival comes down to biology,
There’s the physics and the chemistry.
We got politics and philosophy,
Metaphysics and theology.
But remember that what you desire to know is simple rather than complex,
Present rather than absent and oblivious rather than hidden.

You’ve just gotta realise it,
Cop on to your ego.
Can’t you see we’re swimming in a sea of bullshit.

Thanks to skacore_dude for these lyrics

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