"Pre-Ex-Girlfriend" lyrics



She's so cool it's almost erie
she's so fine I lost all hope
Genetical testing
something has gone wrong
she should get back in
her cage before they find she's gone
She said she hated Kenny G
that girl is way too good for me
We'll break up before it starts
She'll only tear my world apart
da na na na na na na na

Pre-ex-girlfriend, that girl is just too fine
Pre-ex-girlfriend, leaving me behind

You might say she's everything
just before everything goes wrong
She's sunshine and lightning
she pulls at my heartstrings
she's stunning and then she's gone
The intellect that girl has
She's saying " death to false jazz
Like kryptonite to Superman
she's here to break my heart again
da na na na na na na na

Watch her on the floor tonight
feel the crush she will incite
the spark of hope she will ignite
a beautiful sight
Softer than the lightest snows
watch her as the moment slows
in my face the door will close
and there she goes.

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