"Mind For Treason" lyrics


"Mind For Treason"

i want to see
all minds set free
like slaves to their deaths
they pledge their liberty
like awls through their ears
nailed to a post
they sold their souls to the things they loved most
now they accuse
my mind is closed
i've stood on their shoes
that's why i chose... Freedom
you've got words, clever jargon
self-support, what a bargain
you tell me my God is dead
you hate a book you've never read
telling me i'm pushing you
who's world is this,
who pushes who?
we've had to watch your television
subject to your decisions
we've read yours books
and filled your schools
you burned the truth
with hate for fuel
you calculate your lack of reason
i hate this place
call it treason
Mind for Treason
force-feeding lies
but calling it freedom
masking the truth to hide your dismay
turn a blind eye to the death and decay
but i will rebel
it's treason i choose
you can die by yourself
but i will refure
a word of truth, to worlds of fiction
i'd like to challenge your depiction
of yours sould and your salvation
i'd like to shake you from stagnation
you take the nail and drive it through
your ear to show allegiance to
your god the thing that you love most
am i coming close?
blind to see your own extinction
truth and lies have no distinction
shackled slaves must drop their chains
or slaves will serve themselves in vain

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