"I've Seen The Sun" lyrics


"I've Seen The Sun"

I fight tsunamis with an umbrella
I deal the left hook like a Mother Theresa
I’m facing down death like a fly on the windscreen
you bring the warheads
I’m bringing ice cream
And I’ve got something more
and I believe.
I’ve seen the Sun come down
I’ve felt its fire burn
And in the dark of night
I hold to its return
I know it’s growing cold
And there’s a lot to learn
I’ve seen the Sun come down
I hold to its return
I’m screaming down into the black abyss
I was born for such a time as this
So hit me with your bad news
bells are ringing
tell me that I’m doomed and I’ll keep singing
The fight won’t end with me
And I believe.
Night falls and the waters rise
Leaders lead with the fear and lies
Savior says don’t be surprised
Everything’s gonna be alright.

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