"Dog Food" lyrics


"Dog Food"

When I was young, in the good old days on the farm, all I ate was dog food.
All the poor dogs whimper and they would yelp as I smiled and chewed.
Dog food! A whole meal for a nickel.
Dog food! On some bread with a pickel.
Dog food! Guaranteed to dirve your hunger away.
Dog food! keeps a horse employed.
Dog food! Good for girls and boys.
Dog food! Most kids like it more than broccoli.
Nasty food I must plug my nose to swallow, because my mom's on probation.
Eggplant, brussel sprouts go down and come out, nothing goes down smooth like Ken-L-Ration.


Aplo! Kibble! Iams! Purina! Milkbone! Soupebone! Horse meat! Yeah!


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