"Hey Hallways" lyrics


"Hey Hallways"

I drive alone a lot and walk around at night
I’m sleeping in and I wish you didn’t notice
You have a lot to say but it all sounds like shit
Is that advice you must be a fucking genius
It’s not because I hate everything
That I don’t have anywhere to go
I can’t decide what I want to do but when I do I tend to be wrong
It’s not like this is something you can or even want to get used to
Thanks a lot I didn’t know there was something I am supposed to do
Getting mad at getting mad gets pretty old
You are so smart how did you ever get to be like that
I am not that is my problem
I’d rather spend most of my good time a lot
Than spend it whining about myself
I am a crybaby
There are halls that stay lit all night long

Thanks to waltdogg for these lyrics

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