"A Walden Pond For Jerks" lyrics


"A Walden Pond For Jerks"

I’m sick and tired of senseless shame from hovering on barrel fires think of things to say
A sick joke to burn yourself with burning homes we’ll burn the roads and inhale all the ash
I say I build house these days that’s what I do
Then back to feel the flames, it burns your eyes? Oh walk it off
Some rest in bed with piece of mind they are so strong
I would take back everything I’ve done it’s not a problem
I see the smiles in the back of their eyes
I break the walls inside my room just to see their eyelids fall
And when I’m done and my knuckles ache and I feel weak
So I step out on a street into a town that aches like me
Street lamps talk and sidewalks walk and windows ache to hear me move
Truth is I’d rather direct my eyes at wayward lot and pixel moon
But I just try to leave everyone alone

Thanks to waltdogg for these lyrics

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