"No Way To Live" lyrics


"No Way To Live"

It's a trap sometimes I can't escape.
We all need support when we've lost our way.
It's faith, knowing you'll be there.
And the difference you make with your heart and hands.

Taking and taking.
When you have such a chance to give
That's just no way to live!

So much potential for influence.
But a lack of those who really care.
Weighted down? Try standing up!
It's a burden that we can bare.

Taking and taking.
When you have such a chance to give.
That's just no way to live!

Here's a story about a guy I knew.
He had now faith in himself, so how could he be true?
In times of trouble I hoped that he could see all the strength he had inside, all that he could be.
BUT he was one of those people whose loyalties are few.
He'll sit back laughing cause it's so much easier to do.
He's the one left feeling lonely inside and I'm hoping and praying he's gonna realize.

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