"Crusaders" lyrics



Traitorous scum not welcome
Only those who are brave
Be loyal to your country
Or prepare for an early grave
Legion of men who fought for us
Fading day by day
Reds breaking down foundations
Slowly chipping away
It's a civil war out on the street
Rivers of blood flowing deep
Praise the work of the shaven head
Fighting back to take a stand

Fight for freedom across our great nation
Pry it back from those holding it ransom
Unleash a hell that's never been displayed
Glory to the working man's final crusade

Fly our flag with In respect of men who died
Embrace our heritage, respect our past
You're the only ones who deny
Foolish views and pinko schemes
Won't deliver my fate
No allegiance to your country
You betray your own estate
They are dying in the trenches
For you to march on the streets
Line you up, watch you fall
We won't rest until the job is complete

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