"Dave Mackinder Vs. The World" lyrics


"Dave Mackinder Vs. The World"

I speak too often, so I'll bite my tongue and try to listen to you angel
And all this time, I couldn't find someone something like you
and it tends to make me believe that it's all that I need
It's the interstate darling that will end our lives tonight
Well my dear misery this is merely in our chemistry
We're love sick kids with poison lips and promise to keep our secrets ours
Am I only yours?
There may be explosives that sleep in our stomachs and
When we lay under covers the butterflies flutter
Nervous intentions that we had on that April night when I held you tight
Close to me against concrete, I was watching your chattering teeth
Oh my god the time is now we lost ourselves on the ground
No time now, we've lost it now (take a breath) and forget about the kisses, the dreams
and all the wishes and go ahead and start again (take a breath) there is no second
chances for new love and romances go on and start again.
Disregard the photographs developed over years
They're just the evidence that anything can disappear
It's getting harder knowing we're still young, naive and scared out of luck
You're going to hear about it, dream about it, until there's nothing left at all
Worst case scenario it will end and you will go
Worst case scenario it will end and you will go

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